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For professional users with existing dual-frequency operations, L2C enables faster signal acquisition, enhanced reliability, and greater operating range.

L2C broadcasts at a higher effective power than the legacy L1 C/A signal, making it easier to receive under trees and even indoors.

If you’re the type of person who is always forgetting to charge your cellphone then you’re certainly going to want a GPS with excellent battery life.

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Lets start with our current recommended units: People are always asking which features are really the most important when buying one of these units.

Here are a few things I consider critical when conducting your own golf GPS comparison. What good is a golf GPS unit if you can’t rely on the readings that it takes?

Users must upgrade their equipment to benefit from the new signals.When combined with L1 C/A in a dual-frequency receiver, L2C enables ionospheric correction, a technique that boosts accuracy.Civilians with dual-frequency GPS receivers enjoy the same accuracy as the military (or better).It’s important to consider this as you comparison shop.Portability An often overlooked factor, but no less important.

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The Garmin Approach G6 is one of several golf GPS systems known for having razor-sharp accuracy.

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