Stories of sex trafficking in cambodia

When we got to this house where this man was supposed to be, he wasn't there. But his sister was there, running the place, and she kept me and my friends there. There was a big argument, and he said, "After I leave, in three days this place will be raided." The next day the police came and they took everybody.I ended up in a shelter in Phnom Penh for over a year.However, there is still a long way until we can proclaim victory.Now is the time not to give up but rather to adapt and redouble our efforts. There are zero child brothels today in Svay Pak, where sexual predators were once waved in by children taught to solicit strangers.

Human trafficking has become a scourge in Vietnam, a country where the rural-urban gap is widening. In 2008, I went to Cambodia and ended being stuck there for over one year.

Decrying “mission accomplished” in the fight against child sex trafficking in Cambodia is premature.

The danger in doing this too soon is that, by exaggerating the success, we will turn the international spotlight away from an area of the world that still needs it.

Worse, we will stop listening for the cries of girls who are exploited.

There is no doubt that, through the substantial efforts of U. diplomacy, nongovernmental organizations and the country’s anti-trafficking police, significant progress has been made in Cambodia.

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The client places his “order” and is met at a hotel by the seller and the “commodity”: a child used for sex. Another nine rescues of sex-trafficking victims are lined up; eight of these involve children.

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