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If you change the heartbeat discovery interval, ensure that it runs more frequently than the site maintenance task Delete Aged Discovery Data, which deletes inactive client records from the site database.In addition to these six discovery methods, Configuration Manager 2007 also uses a process named NT Server Discovery (SMS_WINNT_SERVER_DISCOVERY_AGENT) that creates resource records for computers that are site systems, such as the computer that is configured with the management point site system role.The problem quickly spread to all clients so I started the oh-so well known journey of troubleshooting.The Resource Explorer shows no inventory data for clients Client Actions does not show the Hardware Inventory Action The Policy file contains errors A Bad MOF file is generated on the client I ended up looking through the tables of the database to see if some reference to the MOF additions I had played with was leftover or maybe had names that could case SQL issues.After a while I was more or less just poking around for any table with a name that seem to have a relation to inventory, and I came across the table Hinv MOFs that contains two rows that somewhat looked familiar.In particular the strange content of the configuration row, ÿþ/, came to my attention as they also appeared at the end of each of my bad policy files.You must run Discovery before you can install clients by using client push.

When you update your SCCM server to the latest CU, you also need to update the client agents. In the Configuration Manager Properties check the version and you should see the version is updated to 5.00.7958.1501.Discovery identifies computer and user resources that can be managed by a Configuration Manager 2007 site.When a resource is discovered, Configuration Manager creates a record in the database for the resource and its associated information called DDR (Data Discovery record) .It discovers local groups, global groups, and universal security groups.Network Discovery searches your network for IP-enabled resources by querying Microsoft DHCP servers, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) caches in routers, and SNMP-enabled devices.

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