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It is not uncommon to visit a physician’s office and encounter medical assistants and other non-licensed staff members referring to themselves a nurse.In reality, many of these healthcare workers are not licensed nurses but instead are medical assistants.Identifying yourself as a nurse when you are not is wrong.In addition to the fact that misrepresentation of your profession is dishonest, there are many other reasons why medical assistants should not call themselves nurses.You might not know it but impersonating a nurse is a crime.And even though a medical assistant may believe what they are doing is innocent, in reality it is a crime.However, becoming a nurse takes an extra level of commitment over being a medical assistant.

According to Oak Park police, a 16-year-old girl was walking in the 400 block of South Oak Park Avenue at about 4 p.m. I also was just beginning to hear reports of Apple's i OS software updates intentionally slowing down older i Phones processing speeds, along with announcements... Police said the person arrested was suspected of stealing the car in Maywood and driving east on Lake Street before being stopped at the high school. I had mixed emotions last year when I heard Sarah Jessica Parker was starring in a new HBO show called "Divorce." On one hand, it was tough to imagine Parker playing any role other than Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and The City." I would love to imagine that Carrie and Big are still blissfully married,... She's one of the most successful and beloved media personalities in the world. A 17-year-old Chicago boy, who police said was shot by a store clerk last month during the attempted robbery of an Oak Park convenience store, now is facing charges, Oak Park police said. The exhibit, which features the work of 17 local photographers that are members of the Oak Park Photography Club, can be seen through... The man then demanded money from the register, and...For example, California part of the nurse practice acts states that a person cannot let someone assume they are a nurse, much less call themselves one: “In the interest of public safety and consumer awareness, it shall be unlawful for any person to use the title “nurse” by any individual except for an individual who is registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse.This law does not prohibit certified nurses’ aides from using their specific title.”If the medical assistant continues to call him/herself a nurse after being told it is inappropriate you should alert your state board of nursing so they can be held legally accountable for claiming a license and title they do not have.Oak Park police announced Thursday that a man suspected in the death of his 81-year-old relative will not immediately face charges as he is expected to undergo a mental health assessment. They're pretty good at finding ways to make Christmas last longer. Building Christmas-tree forts was one of the ways we kept the holiday going a little while longer. Though Oak Park's annual summer festival is several months away, the village is already seeking volunteers for A Day in Our Village, which is set to take place in June.Police in Oak Park previously said they had expected charges to be filed against the man, whom they called... I'd had it up to here with the rapid draining of my i Phone battery. The event typically features more than 100 Oak Park civic, cultural, social service, business, educational and religious organizations,...

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