Graph supply and demand curves online dating

Applications range from slopes of pyramids to internet speeds to temperature conversions and move towards supply demand curves in economics and the important topic of regression, or best fit, from statistics.

A great course for teachers wanting to improve their fundamental understanding about linear equations and gain experience with a wealth of interesting examples to bring to their classrooms.

The course will be run flexibly over a four week period, and consists of four Modules.

This insight still has wide applications in the modern world, from designing helicopters to discovering planets around distant stars.

An introduction to the algebra of linear equations and the connections with the geometry of lines in the Cartesian coordinate framework, presented via lots of practical examples from everyday life.

This course will review your understanding of lines, slopes, intercepts and transformations, and how geometry and algebra meet in the Cartesian plane of Fermat and Descartes.

In this course we go beyond linear, quadratic and inverse relations to discuss power laws: a remarkable family of relations that figure prominently in economics, physics and notably biology.

We start by having a look at the intriguing geometry of cubic curves, and relate to some famous number theory problems.

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