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The second time I was pregnant, but his car was going a lot slower.It's all a small price to pay, however, for being alive.

I think I'm also dealing with a lot of repressed emotional trauma.

Recently, Tom disputed a poster's claim that Zodiac took Hartnell's keys. If the police, then did Sandy get a dated receipt for it?

Also, who has the possession of this alleged Cecilia necklace now? Douglas Oswell, I can't remember if it was that greenish color or grey,but it had a clip like lock on one end if I remember, and a hinge at the other end.

Richmond has changed very much for the worst, I don't drive near there anymore.

Is this person your Z suspect, Because around 63/64 I met a very strange person at Lucky Lanes who could have been Kane, who didn't talk, but had someone else do his talking for him. Doug, in one of her posts, Sandy gave the exact date of September 29, 1969, which was just two days after Lake Berryessa attack.

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When I did read about the killing, I am pretty sure it just said a hood, I pictured a "ski mask".

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