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In 2015, an average monthly income of consumers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City was USD700 – 720.

Vietnamese people tend to save 11-12% of their income generally.

They spend 27-29% of their income on fresh food and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

An average Vietnamese online shopper spends USD150 purchasing goods & services online per year in 2015.

However, after carefully considering our extensive project roadmap, our team has determined that the best way to reward our loyal community is to accelerate our timeline as much as possible.

We have therefore adjusted our Main Crowd Sale schedule and structure as outlined below.

Delivery by motorbikes is the most popular means of delivery thanks to its flexibility and convenience in Vietnam’s narrow streets, small alleyways and dense traffic.

Cash on Delivery is still preferable in Vietnam (85% of e-commerce users choose this method).

The company has seen strong growth ever since its entry into Vietnam in early 2012 and it now has a 22 percent market share. Marketplace was created to give the company greater access to the C2C (Customer-to-Customer) market.By Edward Barbour-Lacey HANOI – Singapore-headquartered e-commerce company, Lazada, is stepping up its online game in Vietnam and creating waves throughout the e-commerce industry.Local players are scrambling to remain competitive as more and more foreign companies look to Vietnam as a strong growth market.Enterprises doing e-commerce business registered in Vietnam must pay Value- Added Tax (VAT) at a basic rate of 10% and Corporate Income Tax (CIT) of 20%.Individual residents doing e-commerce business without establishing a company in Vietnam will only be subject to tax obligations if they have annual sale revenue (including other sale activities) of over VND100 million.

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In making this decision, our goal was to take all members of our community into consideration.

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