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A case can be made that the great pioneer female blues singers never received their rightful place in the blues annals as bestowed on their male peers.Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Sippie Wallace, Victoria Spivey, Lucille Bogan, Albert Hunter, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Big Mama Thornton, Big Maybelle, and even Billie Holiday, were well acknowledged but not always respected and honored in the same way their male compatriots received acclaim some of whom were exalted and venerated to great, sometimes exaggerated heights.Produced by Swedish blues guitar player Staffan Astner, Afternoon in Paris promises the right mix of groovy blues and soulful jazz (with a touch of Swedish folk melody) and shows Yana Bibbs musical range, influence and depth. Whilst wrote Blues fans would be wise not to overlook.Maria Muldaur has produced this tribute album to her blues hero Memphis Minnie.Always a sucker for a bit of Yakety Sax (or yakety axe), I Got Em Too is a favoured romp.However, other pieces appear little more than excuse for playful song titles as evidenced by Cozy With Rosy and Zing Zong Song, which initially borrows from theme, before sliding into Los Straitjackets territory. None of which diminishes the obvious skill and artistry Breit possesses, nor the encompassing appeal of this recording. Earl has worked with his band The Broadcasters for almost 30 years. This album is dedicated to the memory of long-time Broadcaster bass player Jim Mouradian.

Blasting out the set in ten days, Breit called upon friends to provide select overdubs, but what we have here is essentially Breit concocting his own experiments in vintage sounds much like Neil Young once did (in a different vein) with the Shocking Pinks. While one digs (and really, no other word is as appropriate) what Breit has done with this recording, after four or five songs it tends to blend into one extended jam of righteous coolness.

In 2003, they already paid tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe on Shout, Sister, Shout and now its time for the tribute of the musician who has been championed by Maria Muldaur for so many years, someone she has loved since 1963, the one she most often quotes as a major source of inspiration and the musician she has covered most often.

Maria Muldaur called out some of her female blues compatriots to take matters into their own capable hands, and voila, here is a fine tribute done with love and admiration.

Lets start by overcoming the likely objections: A fair number of the tunes included on First Came Memphis Minnie were previously released.

Indeed, all eight tracks featuring Maria Muldaur came from her previously-released Grammy-nominated albums.

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Cmon, Let Go combines the mood of after-school cartoons (think ) with Velvet Underground Sweet Jane riffs.

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