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Most books on romantic relationships focus on mate selection, marriage, and sexual purity.But before all that can happen, a guy has to get a date!

Because the few men who "get it" spend the rest of their lives enjoying sexy girls in abundance – and so can you.

As someone who has read a lot of these books, I have to say this one is not bad - for the price. It's similar to the also recently released How To Talk To Women: Unlock The Secrets To Effective Attraction, Flirting And Girlfriend Getting in that the book is over a hundred pages long, but could easily be made much shorter.

This book is probably a little better than that one, though.

What Women Wish You Knew about Dating equips men with the skills they need to begin dating. Simpson educates men about spiritual and psychological obstacles to dating and provides solutions to the problems that often interfere with a healthy, holy dating life.

With a unique blend of biblical principles, psychological insight, practical advice, and humor, this book shows the reader how to be a man, date like a man, and get that relationship off to a great start.

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Whether just entering the dating game or back after being widowed or divorced, men of all ages will benefit from this straightforward and candid treatment of male sexuality and dating. It is written from a Christian perspective, but is a lot more practical and useful than most Christian relationship books out there. Simpson shows a clear understanding of the Christian dating culture, and the unique challenges faced by men in this culture.

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